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At a time when climate scientists tell us we must reduce our carbon emissions by billions of tonnes per year or face a high likelihood of global catastrophe in the near future, BP is exceedingly proud to have a programme that will eventually permit us to cut ours by one million of those tonnes. We have committed to spend $350 million over five years to achieve that result. As a company devoted to the extraction of oil, it's really the least we can do—and never let it be said we didn't do that.

Of course, as a major corporation with many thousands of stockholders worldwide, we are also responsible for bringing financial returns at the same rate as always. This sometimes means spending many billions of dollars on the newest oil-extraction technologies, even when these are several times dirtier than previous ones, and risk putting billions more tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. (link)

Although it is obviously impossible for us to change our basic business practices—the only way we'd do that would be if we were forced to, by government—we can do things such as publicly acknowledge the need to take steps against climate change. BP will, consequently, continue making strong, responsible statements in regards to global warming, and will continue to tout various programmes aimed at eventually reducing emissions. (link)